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Beta test of remote work training June 6-10 in Helena

Remote work training flyerA one-week in-person training for remote work jobs is planned for June 6-10 at CTI in Helena.  The jobs are full-time with national and global employers in retail, tech support and customer service and they start at $15 per hour.  There is a  cost for the training but financial assistance is available.  Contact Carol Rule at 406-447-4215 or Jasyn Harrington at   406-447-0800 for more information.  The deadline for registering is June 1st.

This training opportunity was made possible by the folks at Montana Business Connections (MBAC) in Helena.  MBAC has been researching ways to increase remote work in Montana  for some time which led them to the Kentucky-based nonprofit Teleworks USA, that trains rural workers specifically for jobs with partner employers.  Teleworks will be conducting the June training in partnership with CTI, Job Service of Montana and MBAC. 

The MSU Remote Work Course is an excellent option for helping people that have good familiarity with computers learn the skills needed for remote work.  This in-person training in June is another option that may be great for people for people who have lower levels of computer literacy.  The training will “teach to the test” and is a more direct connection to specific jobs through Teleworks USA. 

You're Hired! Success with Remote Work

Dustin, a single dad in south central Montana, took the Remote Work Certificate Course in late 2021 in order to find a remote job that he could do and still be able to take care of his young children.  He had past experience in the tech industry and in customer service. 

You're Hired graphicAfter finishing the Remote Work Certificate Course, Dustin searched for job opportunities using LinkedIn and applied for technical support jobs.  Very quickly, a remote security company reached out to him for an interview.  Dustinworked with JessicaWilhelmat the Miles City Job Service to prepare for his interview.  Soon after the interview, Dustin was offered the job. Dustin’s new employer sent him a computer andother equipment he needed and he has been working full time for them since.  

Dustin said “I like working remote for the simple fact that I can have my kids home while I earn a living. I especially like not having to commute, which saves me money.”  When asked if he had any advice for people considering taking the Remote Work Certificate Course, Dustin said “The course just changed my mindset and made me more attractive to an employer for a remote job. I am sincerely grateful for the Remote Work Course and the help I received from the Miles City Job Service.”

Can We Keep Montana’s Remote Workers for Montana-based Companies?

Keeping Montana’s remote workers “home” or working for Montana companies is of great interest to many in Montana’s economic development community given our current workforce shortage.  The challenge is connecting graduates of the Remote Work Certificate course to Montana employers with jobs to fill that could be done remotely.

Searching for job online using laptop.

Currently, most jobs listed on remote job boards used by graduates are with out-of-state employers.  An effort is underway to help connect Montana-based employers to graduates of the Remote Work Certificate course thanks to Chris Manos and Brian Obert at MBAC and others.  Montana-based employers may be able to tap into some of our hard-working, loyal Montana workforce located across the state by reviewing open positions to see if they could be done remotely.  With over 70 graduates of the MSU Extension Remote Work Certificate course, the right employee might be just down Montana’s long main street.

March Class Participation Ties Largest Group To Date

The number of March participants was 10, matching to record to date, as February set the record. Let's see how we do in April! Find out more or register here:

February Class is Largest to Date

MSU Extension first offered the Remote Work Certificate course in May 2021 in Montana.  Since it launched, there have been Montanans taking the course every month except July and December when it is not offered.   In the February 2022 class, we had ten participants from Montana in the course which is the largest course to date. 

Participants come from all over the state including Miles City, Sidney, Glendive, Billings and Belgrade.  They are seeking to learn about remote work, serving clients remotely for a business and finding a new way to work after an injury.

The Remote Work Certificate program is a one-month course that teaches participants how to find remote work, tools typically used by remote workers and how to separate work from home life for professionalism and long-term success as a remote worker.  Course participants complete a group project and interact with other participants each week in a discussion-based virtual workshop.  Find out more or register here:


Survey of MT Remote Work Graduates Underway

More than 60 Montanans have graduated from the Remote Work Professional course.  To get a better understanding of how well the course fit the needs of participants, MSU Extension is conducting a survey to show how many have found remote work, what participants thought of the course and what could be done to improve the course. 

People who complete the survey by March 4th, will be entered to win one of five prizes valued at $25 each which include either a one-month subscription to the remote job board Flexjobs or an Amazon gift card.  Past participants can complete the survey here:


Remote Work Helps Montana Workers Find Success

The recent rise in remote work presented an opportunity for people to stay in their small towns and still secure a good job. In 2021, MSU Extension launched the Remote Work Certification Course to help Montanans learn the skills they need to work remotely. 

Mom working remotely from home.The content of the remote work course was developed and is maintained by Utah State University Extension as part of a significant investment by the Utah state legislature to boost employment in rural Utah. The course is offered in Montana through a partnership between Utah State University Extension and Montana State University Extension. To date, over 50 Montanans have taken the course.

MSU Extension faculty serve as coaches to help Montana participants through the course. Thanks to a partnership with Job Service Montana, trained Workforce Consultants help graduates find a remote job. Graduates interested in creating or expanding a remote business will work with Accelerate Montana’s Rural Innovation Initiative at the University of Montana. 

The course provides the knowledge and skills needed to transition to work from home so participants can access higher paying jobs while remaining in their community. 

“There is so much more you can do when you can expand

from looking at just jobs in your local area.”

The cost of the course is $199 and enrollment for the next class closes February 2, 2022. For more information, course dates and registration information, go to

For more information about the Remote Work Professional Certification program, contact Tara Mastel at


What is the Remote Work Certificate Program?

Employees participating in a Zoom meeting.The Remote Work Professional certificate is a month-long course that teaches skills needed to be successful with online work. Participants learn on-line tools common to remote work as well as skills crucial to working with a remote team such as written communication, problem solving, time management, collaboration, goal setting, organization, and accountability.  

The course is delivered in a self-paced, online format which includes four discussion-based virtual workshops. The course is offered monthly except for December and July.  

For more information or to register, go to