Record Book Forms

PRINTABLE FORMS - first you will need to print out form 

Forms available on the montana4h website. 


4-H YEAR Oct. 1, 2017 - Sept. 30, 2018
Valley County AGE REQUIREMENTS for Projects and Activities
CONTACT THE OFFICE FOR AN ENROLLMENT FORM (new members) - Complete the form, with signatures by both member and parent, then turn form in to your organizational leader along with $10 enrollment fee.

RE-ENROLLMENT can be done through


MEMBERS FORMS -- Each member completes each form at beginning of year or enrolls through 4-H Online.
RELEASE FORMS for Animal Projects
Permission and Assumption of Risk for Participation in all 4-H Animal Projects Excluding Horse
4-H Horse Projects & Horse Helmet Policy

HORSE ID FORM - to be completed and returned to the office by June 1st

SWINE TAGS & BREEDER INFO FORM -  swine to be tagged by May 15 and form turned in at office by May 22nd 

DISTRICT CAMP - registration deadline May 10  -  first come, first served


TRIP and EVENTS FORM - This form is to be placed in front of your record book. Use this form for trips and events that require an up-to-date record book. Your leader will need to sign the form.


Treasurer - monthly treasurer report form for your club meetings
Treasurer - submit the two forms to Extension Office by Oct 31st
Annual report form    &    Yearly summary

Fundraisers - complete and send to Extension Office before event

MATERIALS - project books available for club
Clubs you can order materials



LIFE SKILLS DAY entry form -Usually held in March or April this is a county wide fun learning event where youth show the audience how to make something or tell them something they have learned. Fair premium money and ribbons will be awarded to all participants. Seniors members in each category win an expense paid trip to Montana 4-H Congress held on MSU campus in Bozeman in July. 
Click on LIFE SKILLS DAY to see description of events

Stir-ups information for 2018.  Prepare a dish using the Stir-Fry cooking method.


STATE EXCHANGE - This group of youth 6th grade and older host 4-Her's from another state this year and then travel the following year to their home. State Exchange policies.



D.C. TRIP APPLICATION - youth traveled 2018

D.C. trip is for youth 15th an older who have met the trip requirements to travel to DC, Philadelphia, New York, & Boston.


4-H year end is September 30. 
Recordbooks are to be completed by then and reviewed by club leader. Club leaders will submit gold seal list to office by Oct. 1st. 
Also application for awards are due in the office by Oct. 1st. Checkout the following:


Nelson Swanson Scholarship Criteria contact the office for an application (or print one out - this is a handwritten application) Due date May 15 with record book completed by September 30th.