4-H And Youth Development


The 4-H and Youth Development program consists of school enrichment programs and youth-related community boards and events. 4-H in our county remains close to 200 youth members and 50 volunteer leaders in 12 organized clubs. There is a wide variety of projects available to members. Whether you are interested in livestock, foods, crafting, sewing, building, shooting sports or the other 50+ projects and activities, 4-H has something for you! If you are not a member already, we would love to make you part of our 4-H family in Stillwater County.
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Committees & Their Members:

AWARDS: Kaley Swartz, Andrea Stampfel, Melissa Kramer, Katrin Chandler, Tammi Kirch, Wendy Reed, Lee Schmelzer & Lisa Terry

FAIR PLANNING: Marsha Schultz, Anna Schladweiler, Wendy Reed, Tammi Kirch, Lee Schmelzer & Lisa Terry

Long Range Fairgrounds Planning Committee: Mike Baker, Celeste Barnett, Melissa Kramer, Lindsay Williams, Lee Schmelzer & Lisa Terry

Outside Food Vendor: Lisa Terry, Stillwater Homemakers, Mike Baker, Marsha Schultz, Melissa Ranstrom, Kris Krieger

Activities: Andrea Stampfel, Steve Williams, Wendy Reed, Veronica Christensen, Tammi Kirch, Lisa Terry & Lee Schmelzer

Exchange: Bobbie Schatz, Steve & Lisa Terry, Jolene Degele

Teen Leaders: Kris Krieger

Stillwater Ambassadors: ? Key Leader

Fair Schedule Committee:

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