MSU Extension Butte-Silver Bow works in conjunction with the Friends of the Urban Forest Board and Butte-Silver Government to beautify Butte, MT through caring for and planting trees. 

Tree City of the Year Award has been granted to Butte, MT in 2015 and 2016.  Indicating a level of achievement and vision for a greener city.  The grants that coincide with this award have allowed Butte to plant wind breaks at Copper Mountain and will aide in the establishment of Victory Park.

Tree plantings are held through out Butte, MT in the spring and fall.  Volunteers are needed for these plantings, that are hosted by MSU Extension and the Friends of the Urban Forest Board.  To find out how you can get involved, contact our office today, 406-723-0217 /

Terrific Tree Trimming workshops and volunteer opportunities are held in the spring and autumn.  It is for individuals interested in learning how to properly prune trees while helping to maintain Butte’s urban forest. Terrific Tree Trimming meets at Emma Park (300 S. Dakota Street) for a short tutorial on proper pruning methods and then goes to a designated location to put those methods to practice. It is recommended that you bring essentials for working outside for two hours and a pair of pruning shears. Each week, participants’ names are collected for a drawing at the end of the program.  The more you participate the better your chances are of winning. To be added to the list of tree trimming volunteers e-mail

Instant Tree Bate is an economic development project as well as an effort to plant more trees in Butte, MT.  A grant from Butte-Silver Bow Government's economic mil levy allows participating citizens to utilize a $50 instant rebate when making a purchase of a tree at $100 or more.  Other stipulations apply.  For more information contact MSU Extension Butte-Silver Bow.  Watch for the Instant Tree Bate program in the spring.