4-H Horse

4-H Horse Program promotes knowledge of horsemanship and responsible, ethical equine use, care, and management.


Required Forms to participate in Ravalli County Horse Project

Please complete Horse Project Guideline Acknowledgement and the 4-H Horse Certificate and return by May 1:

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Upcoming Events

Fair Committee   

Date:  March 14th (Wednesday)       Time:  7:00 PM                 
Location:  BJ Bannister's house 
Everyone is invited that would like to help out with planning our 4-H Horse Show. 


Riding Clinic 

Date:  April 22nd (Sunday)     Time:  10 AM                     
Location:  Rockin B Arena
More details to come

D Bar J Ranch working ranch invitation: Will either be April 28th or 29th. The D Bar J Ranch is branding one of those days and have graciously offered to the 4-H Horse kids to come and either participate on the ground crew or observe. It starts @ 10:00am and potential can go to 4:00pm. Do not have to stay all day. There will be lunch provided. They are branding and vaccinating the calves. The date will be finalized by the end of March. 


Trail Riding Clinic   

Date:  May 6th (Sunday)         Time:  2:00 PM to 5:00 PM       
Location:  located at the Lake Como Horse Facility
Will go over safety on the trail, Trail Riding Do's and Don'ts, Planning a potluck. Main dish will be a Dutch Oven Chicken Pot Pie. will be contacting parents on coordinating side dishes. Will also be setting up the trail dates during dinner as well. 

Horse Camp 


Riding Clinic 

Date:  June 16th (Saturday)         Time:  10 AM         
Location:  Rockin B Arena
More details to come


      Email address: rc4hhorsecouncil@gmail.com

      or mail to
                        Ravalli County 4-H Horse Committee
                        4780 Hoover Lane
                        Stevensville, MT 59870



Horse Record Keeping

Horse Permission & Assumption of Risk

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Ravalli County 4-H Horse Council email: rc4hhorsecouncil@gmail.com


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