Dog Project

Youth learn basic skills for dog care and training.  Activities include knowing breeds, selecting a dog, knowing the parts of a dog, keeping a dog healthy and groomed, training and much more.

Youth learn many things, including how to: 

  • Investigate breeds
  • Appreciate dogs' places and roles in society
  • Practice grooming, fitting, showing and training
  • Care for dogs
  • Explore dog-related careers and activities

Dog Project Meeting

Dates: TBD

Dates and time subject to change so contact Nicki to confirm

Location:  Fairgrounds old Arts Building

Required to Participate: Signed contract (see below) and a copy of your dog's vaccination record. NO DOG WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE UNTIL I HAVE THIS ON FILE.

If you are not receiving e-mails from Nicki, contact her to verify your e-mail address.

No Dog will be allowed in class until a copy of their vaccinations is on file.

Dog Equipment List for Class (see below) 

Contact: Nicki Arndt at 406-369-0707


Dog Project Guidelines 2016-2017