Focus on Technology: Quicken, Excel and Tech Savy Tuesdays


Responding to the needs of local clientele is a crucial component of MSU Extension, and what sparked numerous technology related classes in 2016. One consistent comment following the Next Generation Conference was that producers wanted more hands-on practice learning to track their finances and developing a bookkeeping system. As a result, Glacier County MSU Extension and Glacier County FSA teamed to up to offer four classes of Quicken for the Farm, Ranch, or Small Business. Each hour and a half long class allowed participants hands-on practice through a Quicken installed laptop. Participants learned how to categorize their expenses for tax and budgeting purposes, how to download bank statements into Quicken to expedite the bookkeeping process, and how to summarize their data into a useful format for their banker. Following the Quicken series, two Microsoft Excel classes were offered which helped participants learn to write formulas to summarize their production data.

 In the Fall of 2016, Glacier County MSU Extension partnered with the Glacier County Library and their Teen Advisory Group (TAG) members to offer four weeks of ‘Tech Savvy Tuesdays,’ with two class sessions each week due to the large demand for the class. Through the classes, 20 participants learned to effectively and safely search the internet, download and edit documents and pictures, format documents in Microsoft Word, navigate Facebook, and identify phishing schemes. Each class session demonstrated a topic and then included hands-on practice with additional one-on-one help from Extension, TAG members, and library staff. 

Highlights from the class included:

  • One participant said because of the class she had been able to download, complete, and e-mail in an insurance claim form which she would not have been able to do prior to the class.
  • One participant planned to use the library more for continued help and access to computers
  • One participant created an e-mail account
  • One participant organized family pictures on their computer

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