Pondera County is located in the heart of the Golden Triangle, famous for quality wheat and barley production. Grain production and livestock provide approximately $70 million gross revenue. The county contains 1625 square miles and is very rural with approximately 6400 residents in the communities of Conrad,Valier,Dupuyer,Brady, and Heart Butte. The elevation varies from 3300' on the eastern plains to 8500' at the Continental Divide. Major watersheds include the Marias and Teton River drainages. Lake Frances near  Valier is fed from Swift Reservoir and is a major supplier for irrigation and household water. Also,the Tiber water system has approximately 450 miles of water lines to serve 270 households,utilizing water impounded at Lake Elwell on the Marias River.

There are approximately 75,000 acres irrigated in Pondera County including alfalfa in addition to the quality malt barley and wheat.
Health facilities and retirement homes also are important economic contributors in Pondera County. The Pondera Medical Center is very modern and serves a multi-county area with an economic impact of over $12 million.
Pondera 4-H clubs have 109 members in 6 clubs with 35 leaders.