Why Volunteer?

4-H is made possible by its adult volunteers who provide support to the youth members through clubs, project work, activities and events. Volunteering for 4-H can be a positive and rewarding experience for both the adult and youth. Volunteers don't have to be experts just have to have a desire to make a difference in the lives of youth and find resources to make that possible.


Step 1: Learn the Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to volunteer through county events and activities, Foundation board, executive leadership, administrative tasks and much more depending on time and availability of the volunteer. The two most common types of 4-H volunteers are:

Club Organizational Leaders

Project Leaders

Click on each link above to learn more about each position.


Step 2: Complete the Application

If you are here, then you are ready to sign-up to be a volunteer!  THANK YOU!  There are never too many volunteers, and 4-H can't exist without this great group of people.  

Go ahead and complete the Volunteer Application Packet below and them move onto Step 3.

New Volunteer Application Packet (total of 5 pages)


Step 3: Meet with the Agent

Contact the 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent at 447-8349 and set up a time, convenient for you both, to meet in person.  During this meeting the agent will

  • Work with you to identify the volunteer areas you might be most interested in
  • Review your completed paperwork
  • Collect your $10 membership dues and $12 background check fee
  • And give a detailed overview of the 4-H mission, purpose and values.  

The visit usually takes about 15 minutes.


Step 4: Get Involved!

As an adult volunteer, there are so many additional ways you can get involved in 4-H!  First and foremost, participate with your child, grandchild or other family member.  

In addition, check out the other opportunities we provide for our volunteers! 

Adult Members/Volunteers

  • Various Committees
  • Attend Leaders training
  • Chaperoning trips with our 4-H youth
  • Assist other volunteer leaders
  • And so much more!


Step 5: Stay Informed (VERY IMPORTANT)

4-H has a long history and as new events and activities are created, so are the requirements.  There are many events and activities in 4-H that have specific requirements (e.g. form, enrollment deadlines, meeting dates, materials, etc.).

These events, activities and requirements are predominately communicated via email and through the monthly Newsletter.  The Newsletter is the primary source of everything 4-H that occurs within the county, state and national level.

IMPORTANT: Please read the Newsletter on the 1st of every month!  This can be found under the Newsletter tab in the left menu on the website.  

If you provide an email address, please be sure to check it often for updates from your club leader, project superintendents (the leaders in charge of the different project areas), extension, etc.  

If you ever have a question, please don't hesitate to contact your leader, project superintendent or the Extension Office at 447-8346.

Due Dates

Administratively, we set due dates for forms, training, etc. because we need to allow time for paperwork to be completed or ensure training is completed at such a time that it is most effective.  With our small staff, we do the best we can and provide ample opportunities to turn in required forms and complete required training(s).  I encourage you to complete any requirements as early in the window as possible. In many cases due dates are firm where we cannot accept the requirement late.  

If you have an extenuating circumstance that prevents you from meeting the due dates (i.e. a documented medical emergency or death in the family), please contact your club leader, project leader or the Extension Office as soon as possible for assistance.