Volunteers are a key aspect in the success of 4-H.  We look forward to helping you find the avenue you can help.

 Volunteer click on image for a really good video!


Ways to Volunteer:

  • Club/Project Leader (about 15-30 hours per year)
  • 4-H Committees: 4-H Foundation, 4-H Unlimited Leaders Council, Horse, Fair,   (about 6-30 hours per year)
  • Chaperone  (overnight trips or 1 time events)
  • Resource Leader: Helping in a specific way- Fair Concession Stand, Events, (about 1-10 hours per year)
  • Judge: Interviews, Livestock, Indoor, Food, Speech and Demonstrations,  (about 1-10 hours per year)

How to Become a Volunteer:

  • Step 1:  Complete the Volunteer Application.  
  • Step 2: Turn in application at the extension office with $10.  This fee covers, volunteer background checks, insurance,  and helps pay for trainings offered to volunteers.  
  • Step 3: Attend required "New Leader Training" (we will send a letter with a training date included)
  • Step 4: With the help of the 4-H office we will get you linked up with youth or other volunteers to help get you started!


Club Leader's Toolbox Project Leader's Toolbox


More Resources for Leaders: