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Horses grazing

The Flathead Reservation Extension Office continues to bring current research-based information to producers for cattle production and range management through a variety of meetings throughout the year as opportunities become available. These meetings include information on sustainable agriculture, economic opportunities, weed management, cattle production, risk management and agrosecurity.

Operators looking for information on range and pasture management, weed management, and MSU tools can call our office for help.

We also provide licensing to private applicators who want to apply restricted use pesticides on land they own, rent, or lease to manage weeds, vertebrate pests, and crop pests. Additionally, we provide continuing education and workshops for pesticide applicators. *Please visit our Pest Management page for more information about pesticide applicator licensing and continuing education.


  • Certified Weed Free Forage Inspection - Comming Soon!
  • MSU Montguides
  • Nitrate Testing
  • Risk Management
  • Farm & Ranch safety
  • Certified Seed Guides & Information
  • Current Agricultural Research
  • Agricultural Statistics

Demonstration of cattle preg-testingDr. Mark McNeel, 4 Horse Veterinary demonstrates cattle preg testing at the 2008 Producer's Meeting.  

See our CURRENT EVENTS page for information about meetings, workshops, and other upcomming events on the Flathead Reservation!