This calculator estimates end-of-season (EOS) loss from PVY for a grower selling to either the process or fresh market, depending on their beginning-of-season (BOS) PVY incidence. Calculator 1 uses model predicted EOS percent loss and averages for yield and price to estimate average economic effects. Calculator 2 uses disease spread and economic loss models that incorporate PVY effects on quality.

The underlying models used in this calculator are based on data from eastern Idaho. The dataset reflects higher amounts of virus than typically seen in seed potato production for recertification; the lowest infection rate seen in the experimental data was 1.3%.  In these data, whatever the level of PVY present in planted seed, spread occurred.  However, no roguing or other preventative measures were used to stop or slow PVY spread.  

This work was supported in part by the USDA NIFA Hatch Project 1012804 and USDA NIFA SCRI project 2014-51181-22373 and a Montana Specialty Crop Block Grant. Research assistance was provided by Jeremy Rosenman, University of Idaho.