Ben Frentsos is the 4-H & Youth Development Agent in Flathead County.  Working in Extension allows him to facilitate opportunities for youth and adults to explore and develop their passions.  He joined Extension in November 2016 after 8 years of living in Romania, serving as a volunteer with the United States Peace Corps and then working as a teacher. 

He says that responding to the needs of the community and collaboratively bringing them to life is the most fulfilling part of his job.  New families always seem excited to learn about the range of activities and support resources available through 4-H.  He enjoys seeing kids flip through their first project book or meet their market animal for the first time. 

In August of this year he will take part in his first Fair from behind the curtain.  Growing up in Kalispell he always loved the carnival rides and walking the animal stalls.  He considers his first Fair, as a new Agent, to be a rite of passage. 

 Ben enjoys exploring the mountains and lakes of the northwest with his family, playing tennis or cooking up a good meal.

 Ben Frentsos, MSU Extension 4-H & Youth Development Agent in Flathead County is MSU Extension! #IamMSUExtension