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Liberty county pesticide ed

Liberty County

Pesticide Education at One's Fingertips
There is an aging population of growers and ranchers in Liberty County. However, in recent years, there have also been an increasing number of the younger generation returning to the farms and ranches. Every five years existing private pesticide applicators need to accrue six pesticide education credits.
   Those wishing to obtain their license for the first time, such as the younger generation, must take a closed book exam or attend a full day pesticide education class. In 2015 approximately 40 individuals attended a full day class offered in Liberty County to obtain their private pesticide applicator license. Components of pesticide education were broken up into one hour segments. Topics covered included pesticide safety and handling, product labels, pesticides in the environment, pesticide laws, calibration and integrated pest management.
   This class helped the next generation to learn about various aspects of pesticide safety. This license will help participants remain legal in their application of restricted use pesticides. Applicators who attended the class also were able to save time and money by taking the test locally versus having to travel long distances. Click to read more about Liberty County