About CoCoRaHS

The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) was founded as a volunteer program for community members to report daily precipitation. It helps to provide high quality data for natural resource management, education, and research applications. CoCoRaHS data can also be useful when comparing historical precipitation levels to current levels. This information can be utilized in planning year to year as trends are discovered.

What is a CoCoRaHS station?

A CoCoRaHS station is simply a rain gauge set up to collect precipitation data. Each station is officially registered through CoCoRaHS and bears a unique station ID. At each station, the precipitation is collected and measured daily at a set time. The resulting value, recorded in inches of precipitation, is reported back to CoCoRaHS by filling out an online data form on their website. 

CoCoRaHS Fact Sheet (PDF)

Want more information on CoCoRaHS? Click here for a full playlist of informational videos covering gauge installation, how to take a measurement, and volunteer perspectives, among other CoCoRaHS-related topics.


Rain Gauge

Station ID: MT-GN-13

Name: Bozeman 1.0 NNE

Data Collection Time: 9:00 AM

Station Location 

Station Report Summary  - To retrieve data for the MSU Extension in Gallatin County CoCoRaHS station, enter "MT-GN-13" into Station 1 field and then click "Get Summary"

Daily Precipitation Map - Interactive map that allows you to view daily precipitation amounts by national, state, or county level