The purpose of policies are to ensure the integrity of the 4-H program and promote equality for each 4-H member and volunteer.  Policies may vary between county to county and from state to state, but the overall mission of 4-H is to empower youth to reach their full potential working and learning in partnership with caring adults using research-based program delivery methods. 

Cascade County Leaders Council brings together adults and youth to work with the county 4-H Agent to develop, implement and evaluate educational programs based upon the needs of the youth in the county.  The purpose of Council is to bring forth recommendations to the 4-H agent for governing policies for the county 4-H program and to offer and plan educational opportunities.  Within Cascade County 4-H, there are sub committees and chartered committees that work directly with education and policies related to specific projects. 

Cascade 4-H Foundation is a board of community leaders with a vested interest in creating a stable financial portfolio for the longterm success of Cascade County 4-H.  The Foundation also offers scholarships for events as well as for higher education for both members and leaders.

Meetings are always open and youth, volunteers, and parents are invited to get involved!  Involvement on Council and/or Foundation and any of the subcommittees or chartered committees is the most effective way to advance the Cascade County 4-H program and initiate positive change.



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