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MSU Extension agriculture and natural resources programs apply university research and resources to help Montana agricultural producers and land owners increase profits, reduce loss, protect our food supply and sustain future resources.

Services Offered at the Office

Please stop in the office anytime, and we will do our best to assist you with your needs!

  • Nitrate Quick Tests
    • The best time to sample forages for Nitrate levels is before the forage is cut. Once the forage is cut the Nitrate levels are fixed and can only be impacted through the silage or haylage fermentation process. The results of any test is only as good as the sample tested so keep that in mind as you sample your field for testing. Nitrate levels fluctuate during the day with the nitrate level being the highest in the morning. Please sample your field at approximately the same time you intend to cut it. We test the lowest leafing juncture or node on the plant so when possible cut the sample plants directly at the ground level. Walk the entire field in a W-shaped pattern sampling at each end point and the middle of each leg of the W. Pay extra attention to any portion of the field that may not receive as much water, has been stressed for some reason, or has a difference in soil type than the rest. You may want to cut and bale some sections separately. The free Nitrate quick test we are able to perform in the office will tell you if Nitrate is present or not and will give you some idea of level.
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